Emergence of Cloud Technologies and Ecosystem Market

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The advancement in cloud technologies is rapidly shifting and shaping new market demand and ecosystems in 2020 and beyond The adoption of Cloud Technologies’ has seen stupendous growth since 2019 and only accelerated through the present unprecedented economic scenario. Businesses who have not kept pace with investing in cloud-adoption strategies, are now struggling to maintain

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IT Managed Services are Increasingly Consolidating Advanced Capabilities

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The IT managed services market is forecasted to hit CAGR of approximately 11.27% from 2020 through 2025. Both public and private organizations have stimulated the growth, and private business entities are moving their work-critical compute instances into the hybrid cloud and management systems. More so, a quick shift in information mobility and security management through

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Digital Product Engineering Advances Business Ecosystem

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Need for advancement in digital product engineering is creating a seamless ecosystem of tech giants, industry incumbents and technology boutique firms. Enterprise giants across all verticals are increasingly facing disruptive forces from digital-ready firms who better meet customer needs by delivering smart digital products and services. Leadership teams thus, have begun to realize the importance

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